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Antonio Rutilio, Italian professional engineer, designer and architect, discovered his passion for creating at an early age. This passion lead him to study at the University of Cagliari, Italy qualifying as an Engineer, and then an Architect. He has combined all of his skills and has found the perfect balance to do what he loves best-Create. Began his professional experiences in the year 2000 at the design studio of Eng. Maria Laura Rutilio. During his studies he worked for various firms, such as graphic designer and 3d. Obtained degrees in 2006 (engineer) and 2008 (architect), and start to traveling to the Dominican Repubblic where he was given his first international assignment from Viva Whyndam Resort.

Finished a year in the Dominican Republic, to develop several projects, travels to Panama to renovate a luxury phent house opposite Donal Trump Tower. 8 months after completion of the work, turned back to Italy to do the project of "Tanca De Su Scusorgiu Hotel". Finish this last, he was called by Viva Whyndam to design a entirely resort to 60.000 in Xpu / Ha, Mexico. After this project (Viva Aqva) and Viva Spiral (9000 sqm), he moved to further the work of Viva Whyndam in the Dominican Republic to re-design another hotel for Viva Whyndam Resorts in Las Terrenas (250 rooms). "I love the challenges and tasks complicated, I love to play around with goals always higher and more difficult, finding the right solution to achieve them."

Antonio Rutilio Design

18 anni 2 mesi
febbraio 2014 - Present (7 anni 1 mese)
Project Manager, human resources, customer management, Architecturaldesign, supervision of all phases of execution, management resources.
Chief Executive Officer
giugno 2009 - Present (11 anni 9 mesi)
Cagliari, Italia
gennaio 2003 - Present (18 anni 2 mesi)

Visual concept Srl

Ceo & Founder
Aprile 2019 - Present (1 anno 11 mesi)
Cagliari, Italia
Società di sviluppo applicazioni e software

Studio L.R.Project

febbraio 2000 - maggio 2009 (9 anni 4 mesi)
human resources, customer management, supervision of all phases of execution, management resources.

Eng. Arch. Antonio rutilio

Project Manager Radio Base Station
ottobre 2014 - luglio 2017 (2 anni 10 mesi)
Sardegna, Veneto, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Friuli Venezia Giulia

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning, Programming, Coordination and Control of all engineering activities of the project included in the scope of work, ensuring the achievement of objectives in terms of time, cost and quality, in compliance with all contractual requirements, corporate and legislative regulations.


settembre 2009 - dicembre 2013 (4 anni 4 mesi)
Santo Domingo

Viva Dominicus:
3D Design and Collaboration shopping place, Dominican Republic.

Viva Aqva:
400 rooms Resort, 5 restaurants, 3 swimming pools. 30.000 mq total, Messico.

Viva Jungla:
Remodellaccion hotel 150 rooms + 100, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

Viva Spirale:
36 apartament, 2000 mq of commercial area, PlayaCarmen, Messico.

Viva Playa Dorada:
200 suites, interior design